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These methods of slaughter differ from the humane practice and its associated techniques in the sense that by interpretation of the basic tenets governing them, the animals must be in a state of consciousness at the time they are bled. The first three seconds from the time of Islamic slaughter as recorded on the EEG did not show any change from the graph before slaughter, thus indicating that the animal did not feel any pain during or immediately after the incision. Halal slaughter in overseas abattoirs often does not include pre-slaughter stunning – this is the key difference between Australia and many other countries. In the halal method (HS), the 40 animals were humanely slaughtered according to the halal slaughter procedure as outlined in the Malaysian Standard MS1500:2009 (Department of Standards Malaysia, 2009). It is understood from the methods of machine cuts presented in the question that the machine does not slaughter all of the chickens at once, but rather one after the other. Zibah-e-Ikhtiyaari: Slaughter of animals in one's control, eg. HALAL in general term means permitted, allowed, authorized, approved, sanctioned, ... Muslim slaughter is an entity to the religion. 5 Animals must be slaughtered in a human way, without subjecting to any brutality or unnecessary suffering. There are basically two methods of slaughter in Shari'ah, which are: 1. Halal method Muslim / Mohammedan method of slaughter is controlled by Local Islamic Authority (Muftis) . settling debatable issues on halal methods of slaughtering and several others provided us very valuable assistance in collecting and compiling the information. This video starts by showing the Western humane "Bolt Gun" method of instant slaughter. Deutsche Tierärztliche Wochenschrift. In this method also Mulla (slaughter man) offers prayers ('Allah Akbar’) The head of the animal should be turned towards Macca and a transverse throat incision is made by a sharp knife cutting all the soft structures in the neck. Since halal meat is obtained from halal slaughter, it is a prerequisite that the animal must be alive at the time of the slaughter and death must be realized with a sharp knife cut. 2. Studies unfavorable to halal slaughter without stunning. 4: Legislation requiring stunning prior to slaughter began to be adopted in parts of Europe in the late nineteenth century. Halal method of slaughter: A method that makes Hindus its hostage and promotes Islamic hegemony . AN UP-TO-DATE ASSESSMENT OF THE MUSLIM METHOD OF SLAUGHTER Presented by Dr. Abdul Majid Katme, (Chairman of the Islamic Medical Association in the UK) at the UFAW* Symposium on Humane Slaughter and Euthanasia, held at the Zoological Society of London, Regent’s Park, on the 18th and 19th September, 1986. charters the use of electronarcosis before slaughter for all animals, while the Mosque of Lyon applies it only to poultry [4]. Kallweit E (1989), “Physiological reactions during slaughter of cattle and sheep with and without stunning”. It is Haram to harm the animal before slaughter using methods such as stunning, striking it or giving it an electric shock. Halal certification is one of the prerequisites for entering the global halal market. The vagus nerve was also severed. Abstract. Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) says animals should Other organizations, such as the AVS Association, the Halal Services and Al-Rissala, do not certify slaughter animals with prior stunning; considering this method haram (unlawful). Halal can only be performed by a Muslim man. provides the Islamic teachings in comparison with modern slaughtering methods. It argues that advances in technology mean methods have to change and though a machine does the killing, the meat is still blessed by a Muslim slaughterman. The bleeding must also be complete. The observed . In both methods, the animal must be slaughtered by a sharp weapon (knife, spear, etc.). The Islamic (halal) method of slaughter can be described as follows: The animal has to be lawful to eat, alive, healthy, to be slaughtered only for the reason of food, in the name of The Creator, ALLAH (s.w.t) and not for any other reasons (it has to be well-fed, not thirsty handled and moved gently and individually). livestock and poultry. 21 CVASU 22. It is important to note that Halal is not just a dietary preference but a method that imposes Islamic supremacy on those who don’t follow the faith. Halal slaughter is performed for most of the animals without stunning. For instance, the slow decline in blood pressure following a halal pre-slaughter head-only stun and neck cut causes blood splash (ecchymosis) in a range of muscles and organs of slaughtered livestock. Halal slaughter with prior stunning is accepted for 5.9% of small ruminants. 1. There are many conditions of Halal slaughter that you can read on their website, but here are the four main ones that are taken from the website: 1. Halal can only be performed by a Muslim man. Despite its short duration, halal slaughtering is a vigorous step in the production of halal and tayyib (acceptable and wholesome) meat for Muslim consumption (Nakyinsige et al., 2014). 7 STUNNING IS NOT A HALAL METHOD OF SLAUGHTER! It does provide recognition of quality and safe product through the concept of halalan toyyiban for the entire supply chain, from farm to fork. Halal – Muslim method of slaughter Halal slaughter must be carried out by Muslims who hold an official slaughterman’s licence but, unlike Jewish slaughtermen, they are not licensed by a religious authority. The vast majority of halal slaughter in Australia (including at export abattoirs) complies with standard slaughter practice where all animals are stunned prior to slaughter. Effects of slaughter method on carcass and meat characteristics in the meat of cattle and sheep By Dr M.Haluk ANIL Funding organisation: EBLEX and AHDB Background It has become apparent that the market for meat from animals slaughtered by religious methods is a significant proportion of the UK production and supply. Halal Method. Zibah-e-Iztiraari: Slaughter of uncontrolled animals, that is, animals (game) that are hunted. All these News Talk Live debates the methods of slaughtering for Halal meat. Halal method of slaughter: A method that makes Hindus its hostage and promotes Islamic hegemony. A ‘more humane’ method, doesn’t mean it’s a humane method. It's ridiculous to have a bone to pick with either halal or jhatka methods of slaughter, says Sumit Paul. The blood can only be completely drained from the body if the vessels of the throat are cut. 8 Halal.Markets.Net, Method of slaughter in Islam as viewed on 18 February 2015 . It is important to note that Halal is not just a dietary preference but a method that imposes Islamic supremacy on those who don’t follow the faith. Jewish and Islamic methods of slaughter developed over centuries, partly to provide for a method of killing that minimized the animal’s suffering. Muslim method of slaughter (Halal method) Most widespread Laws are derived from the Koran welfare of the animals is a major consideration (Jewish faith also apply to Muslims) Death animals, consumptions of blood and swine is forbidden. Halal slaughter of animals was conceived on the historical principle that it was one of the more humane methods available. By Sumit Paul. 460 B. T. Cenci-Goga et al. The following conditions are considered general conditions that are required for both kinds of slaughter: 1- The slaughterer has to be intelligent as oppose to an insane person or a child who does not understand the concept of slaughter. methods of slaughter. Questionnaires were sent to regional health authorities, and spot-check visits were conducted on cattle, sheep, and poultry abattoirs in Italy from October 2008 to March 2009. The animals were slaughtered by a licensed slaughter man by severing the carotid artery, jugular vein, trachea and esophagus. Jabir ibn Abdullah (ra) said: “The Messenger (saw) forbade tormenting any kind of animal to death” [Sahih Muslim] . This method applies to both home slaughters, such as the ritual slaughter associated with Eid al Adha, and commercial slaughters at halal abattoirs. In order to carry out … Halal and kosher slaughter per se should not affect meat quality more than their industrial equivalents, however, some of their associated pre- and post-slaughter processes do. Thus, non-Muslims are automatically denied employment at a Halal firm. Conditions Of Halal Slaughter. It is different from other religion’s slaughtering method; it is not a ritual slaughtering and offerings to god. 2. Mechanical Slaughter in UK The Halal Food Authority (HFA) says using machines is OK, as long as the meat is still blessed. *Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (in association with the […] The method of slaughtering is according to the Islamic Law. Thanks are also due to all friends, co-employees, family members, and colleagues, who provided help in numerous ways. There are also peer reviewed scientific studies, using various evidences, that conclude that halal slaughter without stunning causes pain. Meat that is sold in Muslim majority countries such as Morocco is understood to be the product of zabihah, but elsewhere in the world halal meat must be sought out. As we know from the definitions, we can not humanely kill an animal in a cruel or violent way. The Sunnah halal method of slaughter is to drain all of the impure blood from the body of the animal by cutting all of the vessels of the throat including the carotid arteries, trachea, esophagus, and the jugular veins. Thus, non-Muslims are automatically denied employment at a Halal firm. The Halal Food Authority (a halal certification body) sets out the requirements for Zibah as:9 1.The animal or bird should be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter. Halal slaughter of edible animals for food is a ritual of the shariah that purifies an animal from blood and filth thereby making it good and wholesome for human consumption.

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